The Ultimate Engineering Needs

The globalization of economy calls for well informed engineers, and those with high ambition for leadership in the industry, need economy, management, law,  trading and the most of all Information Technologies (IT), which is the urgent task in Iranian engineering development, therefore...



IREDCO Profile


Experienced engineers and reputable firms, some with a four decades background, established Iranian Engineering Development Company (IREDCO) in 1999. They have accumulated a wealth of experience working under extremely contrasting conditions; from the times of oil-boom prosperity to the years of post war constraints. The group's formation was envisaged as mean not only to extend their existing technical capabilities, but also to broaden and diversify the services offered.


IREDCO can flexibly serve its clients in a wide range such as economic and technical feasibility studies, market studies and marketing, project and investment packaging, information technology, research and development studies, and also providing a fully integrated approach to different stages of projects through different contract arrangements suited to the specific nature of projects and /or needs of clients.


On a comprehensive scale, IREDCO can perform under a single contract, all stages of Engineering services needed for a project, starting from feasibility studies and proceeding through the design stage to full construction of the projects and installation of equipment and commissioning. On a more limited scale, sub-stages or specific tasks of a project can be performed.


The IT section of (IREDCO) established to provide easy access to Internet for Iranian and specially engineers based on the internet latest technologies.


The IT insurance section of IREDCO established to provide insurance services for all stages of national and international construction and engineering. The specialist force of IREDCO consists of over 1000 economist, planners, architects, engineers, and other professionals, who hold B.Sc., M.Arch., M Sc. and Ph.D. Degrees. Over 2000 financial personnel, administrators, quantity surveyors and technicians assist this specialist's force. The group's activities are co-ordinates through a central executive office composed of 5 fully authorized members who have an average professional experience of over 30 years.

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